Jimmy Kimmel Awkwardly Put Jennifer Lopez On The Spot Asking Why He Wasn’t Invited To Her Wedding With Ben Affleck


  • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck surprised fans when they got back together in 2021 and tied the knot in an extravagant wedding, but Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t invited.
  • During an interview with Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Kimmel awkwardly asked why he wasn’t invited to her wedding with Ben Affleck, leading to a humorous exchange between the two.
  • Kimmel thought Lopez had purposely excluded him from the wedding, but it turns out it was Ben Affleck’s decision, much to Kimmel’s teasing.

While Jimmy Kimmel was discussing Jennifer Lopez‘s wedding with Ben Affleck, the host awkwardly put Lopez on the spot, asking why he hadn’t been invited. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were Hollywood’s “It” couple when they first started dating in 2002, getting engaged the same year.

The impressive couple even started a new trend with the nickname given to them by the press: Bennifer. The two then separated in 2004.

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In 2021, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez surprised and delighted fans when they were again romantically linked. The two married the next year and blended their families.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the multitalented star discussed tying the knot with Ben Affleck. While Lopez talked with the host, things took an awkward turn when Kimmel put Lopez on the spot, and asked her why he hadn’t been invited to the wedding.

Jimmy Kimmel Put Jennifer Lopez On The Spot While Discussing Her Wedding With Ben Affleck

When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first separated in 2002, many thought it was probably for good. However, the celebrity couple surprised fans around the globe when they started dating again in 2021. One of the lesser-known facts about Ben Affleck and J. Lo’s wedding is that they eloped to Las Vegas to take the stress off shortly before saying “I do” in front of a crowd.

Lopez had discussed her wedding in Las Vegas with the host, and also the nickname Bennifer, which The Mother actor said she’s accepted. When Kimmel asked if “she liked or disliked the nickname,” Lopez said, “I’ve learned to embrace it.”

Kimmel also asked about the ceremony that included the larger guest list, “Then in Georgia, you had, like your real wedding.” The I’m Real singer said, “Yeah, then we had the whole family a month later.”

At this point, things took an awkward turn, and Lopez was put on the spot. The host asked Lopez about false stories which had claimed he’d attended her wedding to Ben Affleck. Kimmel also decided to directly ask the singer why he hadn’t been invited to her wedding ceremony with Ben Affleck.

Kimmel told Lopez some had said he’d attended her wedding to The Town director/writer, which wasn’t true. “Now, I want you to know that it was incorrectly reported that I was at your wedding,” Kimmel told the singer/actor. “Was it?” The Shotgun Wedding star asked, sounding stunned.

“Yes,” Kimmel replied, before remarking that the story had caused a lot of people he knew to question him about it. “Then everyone I know texted me, like, ‘What? You guys were at the wedding? What’s going on?”

He then had to answer the people who were trying to reach him and clear things up. “I was like, ‘No, we were not at the wedding’.”

Jennifer Lopez Joked About Jimmy Kimmel’s Wedding Invite Snub

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck outside the studios of Jimmy Kimmel Live
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During Jennifer Lopez’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he asked the singer why he hadn’t been invited to her extravagant wedding with Ben Affleck. The host asked Lopez directly, “I just wanted to ask, why were we not at the wedding?”

Lopez seemed taken aback when she replied, “I could say the same thing! Aren’t you and Ben, like, really good friends?”

“Well that’s what I thought, yeah,” Kimmel replied, adding, “Ben was certainly at my wedding.” At first Lopez laughed, and it seemed she thought he was joking. When she realized he wasn’t, she asked, “Was he?”

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“Yes, he was,” Kimmel replied. Not wanting to focus on Affleck’s presence at his own wedding to Molly McNearney (Affleck went with his then-wife Jennifer Garner), the host quickly moved the conversation forward.

“I’m wondering if maybe Matt Damon had something to do with it. Is it possible that he suppressed my invitation to the wedding?” Lopez said that whatever went wrong, she would try to figure it out, and let him know what happened. “It’s possible. It’s possible. I don’t know. I’ll get into it later. I’ll find out, get to the bottom of it, and get back to you.”

Jimmy Kimmel Thought Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Want Him At Her Wedding

Jimmy Kimmel at his desk at Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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During Jennifer Lopez’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel, things took an awkward turn when the host put Lopez on the spot and directly asked her why he hadn’t been invited to her wedding to Ben Affleck. Things took another turn when the host admitted he had thought Lopez was the one who’d kept him from attending her wedding to the Deep Water actor.

After asking the Hustlers star why he hadn’t received an invitation to the wedding, it seems Kimmel doesn’t blame J. Lo for not being invited. “I’m glad to hear it wasn’t you that went, ‘No, no, no. He’s not coming to the wedding, whatever’,” Kimmel said.

“Oh, no. Not Jimmy Kimmel,” the If You Had My Love singer joked. Kimmel then turned the blame towards Affleck. “And rather it was Ben…I guess maybe that’s worse in a way, now that I’m thinking about it. Either way, I was not at the wedding,” Kimmel said.

“So, you were blaming it on me the whole time is what you’re saying,” Lopez commented, grinning. “Of course. Everything gets blamed on me!” Kimmel was candid with the Enough actor, and told her, “Oh, I thought, I assumed it must’ve been you.”

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He added, “I figured there was a little list, and you were like (pretends to check/cross off names), yes, no, no, no, and I was on the ‘No’ list.” Lopez’s response seemed genuine when she replied, “Kimmel, no way.”

Although she had to answer some awkward questions during the interview, Lopez was also smiling and laughing, and seemed to be incredibly happy, looking forward to her future with Ben Affleck.

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