Did Matthew McConaughey Quit Acting?


  • Matthew McConaughey’s net worth of over $160 million suggests he has enough money to quit acting, but it seems he’s not ready to leave Hollywood just yet.
  • Rumors about McConaughey considering a career on Wall Street and becoming the next host of Jeopardy have been debunked as fabricated stories.
  • While McConaughey expressed an interest in leadership roles, he has ruled out a career in politics, indicating that he still wants to pursue acting.

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most successful actors living today, and he is certainly one of the richest.

After making his movie debut in 1993 with Dazed And Confused, he has gone on to star in a wide array of other films, including The Wedding Planner, Tropic Thunder, Dallas Buyers Club and Interstellar. Not all of his films have been successful, but a quick glance at his IMDb page would indicate there are more hits than misses. They have helped him amass a net worth of over $160 million, so it would be of no surprise to anybody if he did decide to quit acting, as he has more than enough money in his bank account to live on.

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But is Matthew McConaughey really ready to quit Hollywood? While it is imaginable to picture him living life away from the spotlight in his Airstream trailer, it would be a shame if he turned his back on acting for good. However, there are a couple of rumors that suggest he has given up on his acting career, so let’s take a look at them to find out more.

Updated November 2023: While it has yet to be announced just how Matthew McConaughey will be joining the Yellowstone universe, it is likely that when the series returns in 2024, he will be the lead in 2024. Considering that Kevin Costner is leaving the series, another big-name star will be needed to headline the latest installment of Yellowstone. As such, it is clear that McConaughey is not leaving Hollywood.

Rumor #1: Matthew McConaughey Was Considering A Career On Wall Street

Matthew McConaughey at the Late Late Show
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McConaughey famously played a stockbroker in the 2013 movie The Wolf Of Wall Street. The hit movie gave the actor one of his best parts to date, and according to tabloids, it was the catalyst for a supposed career change for the actor. The tabloid alleged McConaughey had become so obsessed with the character he played in the movie, that he wanted to quit acting for a life on Wall Street.

The sources alleged McConaughey was spending every waking moment pouring over his investments and that his obsessive fixation on a Wall Street career was starting to drive his wife, Camilla Alves, crazy.

Of course, the tabloids often break these ‘news stories,’ and quite often they are completely untrue. Brad Pitt didn’t give up acting to become a beekeeper, for example, despite reports in the National Enquirer. And McConaughey isn’t giving up acting to become a stockbroker, either.

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After checking with sources close to the actor, Gossip Cop tabloid-busters that McConaughey isn’t spending hours of his life analyzing the latest stock trends, and he isn’t driving anybody crazy with his ‘Wall Street fixation’ either. While the actor didn’t speak on the record about these rumors himself, the website’s sources did say they were fabricated.

The actor has invested in sports-related ventures, however and he has also invested money in healthcare technology. But these investments are far removed from the tales about him wanting to become a stockbroker. As such, it should not be assumed these or any other investments will take over his acting career.

Rumor #2: Matthew McConaughey Was Going To Be The Next Host Of Jeopardy

Matthew McConaughey on the Graham Norton Show
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After McConaughey hosted a virtual Bingo night for seniors, the National Enquirer alleged the actor had been bombarded with offers to take over the long-running game show from former host, Alex Trebek. A so-called TV insider told the publication that the ‘actor’s down-home likability that fans naturally gravitate to’ made him the perfect candidate for the role.

“He’d be perfect to step into Alex Trebek’s shoes on Jeopardy!” the source said. “If Drew Carey could make the transition from TV sitcom star to The Price is Right host, Matthew McConaughey could certainly take over for Alex Trebek!”

If McConaughey would have taken over the game show, his acting career would have to be put on the back burner.

But as time has shown, this was just a rumor as Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings have become the hosts of the popular game show.

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Rumor #3: Matthew McConaughey Was Going To Run For Office

Matthew McConaughey at the White House
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McConaughey has never been one to be shy about his beliefs about the political system. As such, many thought that he would be a good candidate to run for the governor of Texas.

For a brief moment in 2021, it looked like McConaughey may be throwing his hat into the ring to become governor. He was allegedly making calls to officials throughout the state and admitting that he was “considering” running for office.

However, it became clear that politics were not in the cards for McConaughey, specifically when he made a comment about how he saw his future.

“I’m serious about the right leadership role but I’m not sure if that’s in politics,” McConaughey said. “There are so many affiliations, whether it’s the party you’re considered to be affiliated with or what, when you get in there — your hands are tied in a lot of ways.”

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As such, while McConaughey may want to lead and help in his life, politics is not what is going to pull him away from Hollywood.

So Has Matthew McConaughey Quit Acting?

Matthew McConaughey on the red carpet
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On the advice of his agent, we do know that McConaughey has stopped making rom-coms. But despite the rumors to the contrary, it is clear that the actor hasn’t quit acting.

The year 2020 was a quiet year for the actor as a result of COVID. However, McConaughey worked prolifically throughout 2019. He was then lined up to work on a few projects in 2021, which he completed. But, in 2022, McConaughey took the year off. As such, there have been rumors in both 2020 and 2022 that McConaughey is stepping away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

The turning point in this rumor came when McConaughey, who did some voice acting work in 2023, was named as the newest star to join the Yellowstone universe. While it has yet to be confirmed just how McConaughey will be jumping into the series, the consensus around Hollywood is that he will be starring in 2024. This is especially true with Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone to work on other projects.

Just when McConaughey’s role will be announced is unknown. But what it means is that McConaughey is not ready to give up acting. McConaughey is just being particular when it comes to how he portrays himself on the big and small screens, having the luxury of turning down roles whenever he pleases.

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